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post up what your doin to your bike over the winter months. something to read and make the winter go by fast. half of my gixxer is in my dining room area and the other half is spread out over a few garages. a few parts on the list are forks, triples, endurance composite tank, engine work, hydraulic clutch conversion.............some other shit with pics to come. post up.

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you will first have to build a mold, most likely in 3 pieces 2 for the top one for the bottom, the mold for the top will have to be split in half so you can release the part,the mold for the bottom will be one piece, then you will have to epoxy the top to the bottom , for a fuel tank you will wana use a vynal ester resin, and you will have to use gas tank sealer so there are no leaks,this is a procsess that take some time to learn, good luck tho
1 - 20 of 135 Posts
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