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This just fell in through my mail.

Burnaby Kawasaki winter storage program.

  • Up to 6 months of indoor storage
  • Fully insured. you do not require ICBC storage insurance so you can get a rebate or cancel and save some $.
  • Prep includes oil and filter change, fuel treatment and battery maintainence charging for the duration.
  • On any additional work that you request there's a 15% discount on parts and labour if it is done while in storage
  • pickup and drop off service included if needed.

$280 for singles and 2 cylinders (as in smaller bikes)
$340 for sport type 2 or 4 cylinders
$400 for touring type bikes
Exotic brands - please call

For those of you that only have "secure underground parking" this may prove a good option as you can save on the storage insurance and know that your bike is away from questionable eyes. IT's also the ideal answer for those of you with nowhere to work on the bike.

And no I'm not a shill for them.... :D But so many of you seem to find yourselves posting about "where and how do I store my bike over the winter" that I thought you may like to see this. Call and book soon even if you're not putting it away until later. Apparently the spots fill fast.

Burnaby Kawi - 604-525-9393

PS: if you're not nearby or don't want to use BK for whatever reason be sure to check out your preffered dealer. Many of them offer similar storage plans. And provided they have the same insurance for your bike while it's stored then you can still save by canelling your ICBC insurance.

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TeeTee, do you know if they actually store the bikes indoors the whole time?

I had stored my bike at one shop, and found out that they leave the bikes outside during the day, and only bring them in at night. So after the winter, my chain was all rusted from the bike being out in the rain all the time.
It's fully indoors for the whole season. I tend to hang out there over the winter on the way home to dodge the rain and I've never seen any bikes sitting outside that were not waiting for service. They store them upstairs in the "loft" and in the room in back by the parts and service rear entrance and I've never seen them move from there.

THis is not to say that they may not go outside for a few minutes here and there while they shuffle them around to get at the one "over there in back" but they don't stick them outside for the whole day on a regular basis.

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Great option.
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