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I sold my bike last fall, and now I need to sell my gear!

My size: I'm 150lbs, at 5'5. You are welcome to come and try any of this stuff on.

Women's Alpinestars full leathers: blue, black and white. Never crashed, a couple years old. Size 10. $750. Paid $1200.

Women's Joe Rocket Summer mesh riding jacket: silver, comes with rainproof zip-out liner (awesome for 30 degree city riding). Size Medium. $50. Paid $130.

Men's Joe Rocket Ballistic: black with reflective strip. Comes with warmer vest liner. Not waterproof, and the velcro on the right sleeve is ripped. Back, shoulders and elbow armour (foam). I got it for free, so it goes for free. Good for summer riding when it's not hot enough to wear the mesh jacket!

Alpinestars back protector: 430mm (almost too long for me), worn a couple times under my leathers, as it doesn't have a back protector. Black and grey with red trim. $75, paid $120

Teknic winter jacket (wind and waterproof). Black with reflective strips, BEST JACKET EVER!! Comes with liner. I wore this one all through the winter. A little scuffed from lots of wear, but still waterproof. Has back, shoulder and elbow armour. I can wear it with a long sleeved shirt and a lululemon sweater under it, so it's roomy enough for multiple underlayers to keep you warm in the winter. $75. Paid $200.

Teknic winter riding pants (wind and waterproof). Black, comes with winter liner. Awesome winter riding pants! I bought them roomy, so they are quite big! The suspenders ripped several years ago, so I don't have them anymore. $75, paid $150.

There are also a pair of very well worn alpinestars riding boots that I'm letting go for free! They are black.

Shoot me an e-mail, Allison(dot)L(dot)Graham(at)gmail(dot)com if you're interested. I have pictures too. I live in Vancouver near UBC.
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