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If anyone knows of anyone looking to get rid of one of the following bikes for a good deal, I am in the market to buy my first bike!!
(no im not a noob looking to kill myself on an RC51 or 954...ive been riding 6 years...so dont flame me)

Im looking for an 02+ R6
preferably an 03 in silver/black colour scheme...or the black with flames.

954 or 929...954 prefer black/slvr and 929 wutever..no biggie

RC51...a 2000 or 2001..anything newere might be too much above my price range...

Not looking for bikes that have been majorly done out...I really couldnt care less if they were bone stock...an exhaust may be nice (i dont like Vance and Hines and hate hindle)...but other than that..it doesnt matter at all...prefer it to be stock than modded out.

If anyone can help me out..i'm SUPER SUPER interested...
I can pay in CASH...

Looking to buy within the next few weeks to a month...so I'm still doin some shopping.

Email me with any info @ [email protected]

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