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Hey guys.
so, i've been getting the urge to ride in the dirt lately, and it's grown strong enough that i'm trying to get my hands on a dualsport.
I don't have much dirtbiking experience, so i'm looking for a 250 - 400cc.
Must be a 4 stroke, and not something i have to rebuild every so many hours.
I'm looking for a dualsport rather than a full on dirtbike 'cause i don't have any way to transport it other than riding it, and i live in town.
I'm in oliver, but i'd be able to transport it here from most anywhere (vancouver, kelowna, etc. got a good friend with a truck.)
i'd like to spend under 1500 or so dollars, but do have some items i'd like to rid myself of, so if you were open to part trades that would be great. but not necessary.
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