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slip on on the way..
need performance chip to smooth out the system.
anybody can hook me up for one in a good deal???
it' s for 97 748 biposto...

help help !!!!!

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:flip WELCOME ABOARD :flip

I'd try the Duc boards for this one. And try some searches to see if the lower mainland Italian group has a site. Don't know if they have a site or not. Oh, check out www.egroups.com for a pnw_duc discussion group. The last is Pacific Northwest if you coulcn't figure it out, a BC-Wash-Oregon group.

Sorry I don't have any hard links for you but I lost them all in the Great Nimda crash of '00 :rolleyes and didn't bother getting them back since I sold the Duc 900 a while back.

Hope we can see and hear that purty bike on some rides this summer :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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