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Hi guys, well happy to have found this site.
but sad to say my brother has crashed his
2002 R6, it was hit in the front, and right
side has alote of rode rash. Must replace
front Rim and Roters if possible. and muffler
seems to be ok, took it in, they said $100
to replace damaged part.? The back side of the
frame has a small dent, so i dont now how safe
it would be afterwards, or if we can get it
repaired to have to change it,?
so we are trying to get some ideas for the
the cheapest ways to get it fixed., or
where or what we can replace or fix.

We dont want to pay for new parts, it would
get expensive, so we thought of buying used,
or finding a Very Cheap or Broken down R6
with the oppisote damage, we were told
99-02 have the same parts.

Any Suggestions or Ideas would be great.
Or anyone with parts or Cheap R6 Contact
us.. Or actually contact me

Jordan Cell 604-910-5797 any time
or PM Thanks

P.S. He is 19 and just bought it, so he does not
have alote of $ spend for parts, the cheaper
the less i have to pay for him. Thanks
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