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I've finally decided I want to get my class 6. I do have a bit of a thing for the old cafe style bikes and figure I could make my own if I can find a good platform. So, I'm very interested in any old triumph's, ducati's, honda's, etc. from the 70's. Looking for a 750 by the way but will look at whatever you've got. Depending on what's been done I'd be willing to pay up to $3k but less would be a good thing. It has to be mechanically strong, cosmetics are less of an issue.

May also be interested in a late '80's to early '90's sportbike.

I do have a JDM '90 Nissan Silvia for trade if anyone is interested in adding some substantial cash to the deal. I also have an old '81 Volvo in great shape which is worth about $2k.

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