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Hey everyone, Looking for a Jacket, pants, boots & gloves to get me started.

New rider, (in my 50's, just got my learners) and looking for some reasonably priced riding gear.

I'm 6'3, 225lbs so need the taller stuff...(Some Large fits, mainly XL),Size 11.5, 12 or even up to 13 in boots (or riding shoes).

I'm located on Vancouver Island but will travel to pickup, etc... Send me a note if you have anything kicking around in a closet you'd like to sell.

No preferences on material... Leather or Ballistic type ok as I'm not sure what I'll feel most comfortable in. I've been in a few stores here but it's hard to justify the prices if you don't know if your going to be comfortable in it for riding.....

I'm certainly not trying to skip on protective hear... just looking at exploring options at a lower price and then upgrading once I know what I like... lol
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