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WTB: R6 - CHEAP - doesn't have to be perfect.

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As the title states, I'm in the market for an R6 once again. (might look at some RR’s) This time it DOESN'T have to be pretty - Just has to be in good running condition, rides straight. blah blah blah, don't care about scratches...

I notice there is A LOT for sale, but not one person has got back to me.. Weird.

Want to see your bike?

Send me a nice PM or email ( Curtis16payne @ hotmail.com ) with pictures, a little write up, or a link, And you're bottom dollar price. Cheaper the better J

As you can tell I'm not picky, and I'm not going to be spending more then I have to. I want a sweet deal. :rockon

Wanna sell? Send me a nice price:rockon

happy selling!

I'll also look at some RR's. Bring on the scratched, layer down bikes!

I’m in no rush. But I figured I’d make a post rather then sending PM’s to people who don’t get back to me. Strange. Very strange. So send me some PM’s with what you got!
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