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I'd like to introduce a new web site with a lot of fine suspension setup information. A local user slow-jess out of Victoria has spent a bunch of time surfing the net and distilling what he could find on the topic into a detailed but approachable set of articles. In reading through them they present the sort of information that a street rider or new track rider can use to set up the suspension to be much more effective than stock.

Slow-jess, take it away.....

I wanted to learn how to make a website, and instead of making a site about my cat,I thought it would be better to make something that may be interesting or informative to motorcyclists. One thing I have noticed is a general fuzziness when it comes to suspension and bike setup, so I thought I might start there. I also add pages as I come across topics I want to talk about. My goal (other than teaching myself something) was to share what I've learned so that others wouldn't have to learn it all the hard way.
The site--- www.bikesetup.com LINK
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