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Yamaha DP drum set forsale. The kit is about 5 years old but I only really used it for the first 2 and its been sitting since.

Its a 5pc set and will come with an extra snare and stand (sooo 6pc.?)
Sabian Cymbols - ride, crash, and hi-hat.
A bunch of drum sticks, a pair of soft/medium mallets, and a bag.

5 years ago this cost me:

Yamaha DP 5pc. kit & Sabian hi-hat/crash w/ stands: $1200
Dixon Snare w/ stand: $150
Sabian Hand Hammered Ride w/ stand: $300

Ill let it go for $650 firm whioch I feel is very fair.

This is a great kit for anyone just starting out or wanting to upgrade from their old gear.

Sorry, the drums are still kinda dusty in the pictures.

PM me with any questiuons.

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