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Year round riding

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Boy sure was cold commuting to work this morning,
on my VFR.

It was only -3 celcius here in Montreal, but at least it is sunny.
I had to break out the long johns this morning.
Ha! Ha!

I am hoping to beat my record this year in terms of how long
I can ride before the snow comes.
My best record to date was back in 2001 in Vancouver I rode
on Christmas day Dec.25th and I started again on Feb. 14th on
Valentine's Day.

Here on the East coast, my best record is I rode until Nov.15th
and then started over again March 24th.

I hope to beat that record this year.

I believe there is a club in the USA and a website of riders who ride year round in some of the coldest states in the US.
I believe they are called Rounders, not sure.

How about you guys, how many of you guys ride year round?

Well, Happy riding folks!

Wish me good luck!


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I'll never forget the morning I woke up to -14 here in Vancouver.

It was cold but clear with no snow on the ground, so I walked outside and kick started the ol' RZ350, completely forgetting that I was still running water in the radiator from racing at Westwood. Not a drop of anti-freeze in that puppy.

Cracked the block as soon as it fired up.
1 - 1 of 34 Posts
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