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Zook!! Yikes!!!

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Time on a nearly stock GSX-r750 was good enough to qualify for MotoGP grid at Jerez! I guess you can't knock the Zooks when they are this good:


November 13, 2006 - Kenny
Well, the truth is that it might embarrass a few people, so we can't say too much about the actual identity of the rider (who races in the British superbike championship on another manufacturer's bike) but this young man recorded a 1-48 lap on a stock GSX-R750. When we say 'stock' we mean with a pipe, Power Commander and some Pirelli slicks but otherwise, it was a stock engine and stock suspension.
The rider in question did this lap while 'qualifying' for a Racedays 'race' at Jerez last weekend and confessed he had pushed quite hard, chased all the way by Jeremy McWilliams, who also recorded a lap a half second slower on the same machinery. Astonishing. All of which proves, it's not the bike...it's the rider.
Sounds to me like Ryuichi Kiyonari riding this 750. That kid got talent. I wonder when HRC decide to take him to MotoGP.
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give the guy the gsvr maybe he can do somthing with it .
Zook for the win!!
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