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yeh, no kiddin eh.. specially at the straight track... doubt i'd enjoy that beast much in the twisties...

mind you, i tell you, i'd def ride'er harder than them wimps.. not to stretch my pecs but i've had my little r6 to 160mph (256) and she had 175 (280) in her easy... had i started earlier at the hope 'fall'... so, ahh, yeh i'll stick with lighter bikes... i really wanna see what i can do w/ the new r1 though... lol!!!!:rockon
The riders in the video had only a limited stretch of tarmac to test on before getting on the brakes before the end of the track, otherwise they may have achieved higher speeds.

Remember, also, that your R6 - like every other road bike - has its speedo calibrated to display a faster speed than it actually attains, so if your 600 manages to reach an actual 175 mph, the AMA or World Supersport tuner you have preparing it deserves a big bonus.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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