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zx10r or no

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I will start with i am getting a kawi eather a zx6 or the zx10r both the 2007 model i fell inlove when i seen them. The zx10r i like the back on in the painted rims and graphices ( flames) the the headlights thats why i want that bike but ,I like the zx6 becouse its only 599cc's and that was my last bike but it was an 03 zx6r , If i got the zx6 i would have to pay for the graphices and the painted rims as it does not come like this.
OK here is my problem this will be my second bike and my second year riding ( last bike was stolen ) im 19 years old will be 20 when i get this bike so u think i can handel this bike i took the course at PRS and pushed myself all year pretty hard as if i didnt push myself alittle u dont learn shit...
P.S. I am getting a kawi so dont say they are shit if u think so go ride one sorta sick of everyone says they suck we all have your own tast..

Thank You
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What in the world did you say i dont know if you'll get many replys when you type that way it's way too hard to read but to answer your question i think you should stick with the zx-6r because the 10r is really way too much bike for the street no matter how experienced you are and really the 6r will be more fun because you'll do more actual riding and less restraining which is the fun part of motorcycling any who does that make any sense i hope so because it about killed me to write this way.
so u think i can handel this bike
you'll probably be ready when you don't have to ask this question. even the most experienced of us won't be able to use the full capabilities of the new litre bikes and especially not on the street... it's actually easier to go faster on the smaller bikes.
thanks its that the zx6 and the 10r will cost the same after i do everything to the zx but thanks guy , p.s sorry the for gay post and wording
....wow. I know how ya feel man. Commas and periods and sentence structure are so confusing! Ahhhh!

Stick with the six.
Jaybo and Mighty Kentor summed it up. There are a bunch of really experienced riders here that ride the zx6. It is a fine bike indeed.

The zx10r has a f&*k of a lot of torque at the low end and could very well get you into a lot of trouble before you know it.

Thing about riding is if you mess yourself up on your bike you may not ever ride again so what good is that? 10r is waaaay too much bike for your stage in riding.
I have ridden a 10r on the street, and honestly it's way more bike than you need, and I would personally not have one myself because I would lose my license in a week... remember you are taking about a bike with nearly 2.5-1 weight/power ratio and is capable of well over 150 kph on 1st gear alone...don't get me wrong it's a great bike, one ride totally changed my opinion of Kawi's, but if you have any doubts, even the smallest little doubt, abot your ability to control your right wrist, then stick with the 6....
At 20 years old you hopefully will have many enjoyable years to ride.

Go with the ZX6R. The ZX10R is just over kill.
I've ridden the 04 10r and it scared the shit out of me. I have a z1000 which is a litre bike but a bloody pussycat in comparison.
04 10R.... i stll miss her... listen... i did the same jump....

after a shit load of km under my belt...

remember when you got your first bike...and you pin the throttle you hit the rev limiter because it revved soooo quick....

ok now... take that make 10X faster ( ie...you need to shifter quicker) then add to the fact the rear tire will slide if its cold...easily...all the time...then at about 5500rpm... the front starts to lift ALOT...LEAN FORWARD.... and the torque and hp just keeps on rising... OOOPS 3seconds went by...SHIFT... oh, btw your going 160km/hr

now...it was a HUGE learning curve for me.... all the time.... 600 wont necesarilly break loose mid corner the 10R will.... when you least expect it.

ANOTHER 3 SECONDS WENT BY SHIFT... your now going about 200km/hr

forget the rain... i rode it everday... rain or shine... i couldnt get past 1/4 or 1/3 throttle in the rain... too much power!!

so yes.. the bike is fun.... i would say stay on your 600 until you get more km's under your belt

dont be eager to jump on the litre train... its fun but it bites really hard.

have fun
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get a the kawi 10r. cause if u get the 6, later on ull want to ride a bigger bike, but hey thats my opinion. one thing that makes me not want to never get a liter bike is the freaken insurance, unless u have roadstar or high discount. the last time i insured my bike it cost 200 every month with 40% discount.
Thank you everyone i think i will get another zx6 and do the graphices and rims from the 10r and the insurance rate is only $50 more a month on the Litrebike with a 0% discount and thats only like $500 i think , ill be buying this bike then quiting my job and pay it off as im in school fulltime with my student loan lol

thanks again for your help
cant wait for the 07 models to come out
I'd definitely stick with the 600, and since you won't see the rims and graphics from the seat while you're riding, another option would be to spend that money on a bit of suspension work, premium tires, full-protection riding gear (if you don't already have it) or perhaps a performance riding course. Just my two cents...
i have the 06 kawi .... duh huh?

so much power on that rear wheel its nuts, some days i wish i the 6 r but when im just cruising on the highway and i want to let it rip just sitting in 6th gear i jump from 100km/hr up to 150km/hr in like 3 seconds. so really like they were saying if you dont have any control of ur right hand get the 6r.
Look at it this way, if the majority of your riding is in the city (even the lower mainland) then the 600 is all anyone needs. If you plan on going off into the mountains (like Osoyoos for coffee, a run frequented by some of us) and you plan on doing it high speed, then get the 1000.

A 1000 is the city is just plain stupid. I gave up my 1000 because it was sheer agony to ride it slow and legal, and I've been riding litre bikes for 6 years.
I'm not a litre bike fan, they are just not for me. I am an average rider, and get all the shits and giggles I can handle out of my 636. After many seasons of riding, I am still centuries away from the 636's real potential. For me, the 600 class is a perfect fit and if I can't have fun on one then I can't have fun riding, period.

My litre bike experience mind you is quite limited. A few test rides here and there (not terribly informative), plus a recent 80 km sojourn through sweepers on a 2006 CBR1000R. Too fast, too soon for my tastes, I was going fast but it was very deceptive because it didn't feel fast (spells trouble). I get the same kicks riding a lesser bike at 3/4 those speeds.

Everyone's different, that's my 2 cents.
isnt it more enjoyable to ride a slower bike fast, than a fast bike slow?
What Jaybo said. A zx 10 is a great bike but very powerfull. If you stuck some bags on it to go touring it would be great or on the track, but on the street as a sport bike...its probably to much for you after only 2 years riding. I understand Brian at Bby Kawi has actually turned sales away because the bike is so powerfull.

Good luck
.. I understand Brian at Bby Kawi has actually turned sales away because the bike is so powerfull.

Good luck
this is true... and i respect him for that
Don't let Steve (Greenboy) fool ya. He can ride...better than most. He should be on the track. But yes...go with the 600. I have both and the 10R DEMANDS respect. It's like petting that quiet dog that just stares at you and doesn't bark. You know it's gonna snap and bite you when you least expect it....but it sure is fun petting.
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